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Country Available: Canada, USA
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Series of four programs, 49 minutes each.

In 1998, veteran Canadian author, Peter C. Newman came out with the third of his best selling books on the Canadian Establishment: Titans - a colourful and controversial tome that chronicles the demise of the Old Establishment and the formation of a new brand of men and women who now run Canada’s economy.

The Titans documentary series focuses on the key members of the New Establishment and picks up where the book ends. Global changes are occurring at such a phenomenal speed that even the aggressive and seemingly omnipotent members must fight for their position daily.

The earth shattering technological transformations happening right now threaten the very nature of our country’s identity. As Canada’s economy becomes part of a homogenized global marketplace, will the Titans remain in any sense meaningfully Canadian? Or only in their passports? As go our Titans so goes the country. Our camera will be focused on exactly what the leading members of our new Establishment are doing, both as individuals and within their own tight networks. Titans will get behind the headlines and show how volatile a world it is for today’s business elite.

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  • Business
  • Canadiann Studies
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  • Grades 10 - Post Secondary
  • Subjects:
  • Business
  • Canadian Studies
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  • VHS Tape
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     1. The New Media  USA Canada
     2. The Media Titans  USA Canada
     3. Titans of Cash  USA Canada
     4. Titans of Tech  USA Canada