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Atwood Stories, The (DVD)

Country Available: Canada, USA
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    "These stories and characters have come to the screen with all their edges intact. Atwood cuts through the layers of her characters, right to the bone."

    The Atwood Stories, a dramatic anthology series of six half-hour episodes is now available from Filmwest. Based on the short stories by Margaret Atwood, paired with award-winning directors, this is an exploration of the themes contained in Atwood’s work.

    When is a stranger no longer a stranger? The Atwood Stories explore the moment when a chance meeting becomes something more. Although each story is unique and unrelated in character and setting, a stream of random encounters occurs throughout the anthology, involving people who dare to reach out. In addition to Polarities, the stories include Betty, The Man from Mars, Death by Landscape, Isis in Darkness, and The Sunrise.

    3 DVDs, 2 programs per disc

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  • Grades 11-12
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  • Language Arts
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  • DVD
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     Disc 1, Polarities, Man from Mars  USA, Canada
     Disc 2, Betty, Death by Landscape  USA, Canada
     Disc 3, Isis in Darkness, The Sunrise  USA, Canada