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Country Available: Canada, USA

This is the story of how hundreds of people from around the world worked together to save a small but very important part of the planet: a 100-year-old stone house that is a San Francisco historical landmark.

Those who shared the struggle, laughter and creativity are designers, environmental experts, architects, construction workers, artists, engineers and even the talking Medusas on the portico, who saved the classic home from being turned into condominiums.

Inspired by award-winning American designer Agnes Bourne, Stonehouse describes how a home can be saved for the future using materials and methods that promote a healthy environment. It emphasizes that designers and architects play a key role in specifying wise use of resources and safer ways to build an environment we can sustain now and in the future.

This is a story for anyone who has known the agony and the ecstasy of building a great fort in the backyard – and anyone who wonders if one person can make a difference in helping to save our planet.

View a printer friendly version of this page...Copyright Date: 1994 Length: 28 minutes Library Audience:
  • General Interest
  • Community Groups
  • School Audience:
  • Grades 4 - 12
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Subjects:
  • History
  • Environmental Studies
  • Formats Available:
  • VHS Tape