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Chinese Restaurants: Stories From A Diaspora

Country Available: Canada, USA

“We applaud Mr. Kwan’s use of the conceit of the Chinese restaurant as a universal setting to reveal how immigrants integrate into new societies and also maintain a singular pride and strength in their own culture. Kwan's humor, humanity and love of Chinese culture enliven each immigrant's story.”
Jury press release, 2006 Asian American Film Festival.

“A brilliant and incisive look at the intersection of Chinese immigration and local politics.”
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 2004

Latin Passions from the Chinese Restaurants series has won a Special Jury Prize at the 2006 24th San Francisco Asian American Film Festival.   “ The award goes to Cheuk Kwan for introducing us to the extraordinary lives of ordinary people from the Chinese Diaspora” read the Jury prize.  

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Chinese Restaurants: Stories From A Diaspora tells the story of the Chinese Diaspora through its most recognizable and enduring icon – the family-run Chinese restaurant. In this fifteen episode series, filmmaker Cheuk Kwan takes us on a tour of restaurants around the world, bringing us into the lives and stories of extraordinary families as they share moving stories of struggle, courage, displacement and belonging, and what it means to be “Chinese” today.

Together, these family histories illustrate the wider story of Chinese migration, settlement and integration as they celebrate the resilience and complexity of the Chinese Diaspora. Set against events that have sparked some of the past century’s most dramatic global migrations, Chinese Restaurants recounts histories that have remained in the margins of official records, showing us communities whose culture and identity are held together by a kinship that is stronger, yet more intangible than mere nationalism, religion, language, geography or politics.

DVD - 5 DVD set, 3 episodes per DVD
VHS - 15 episodes x 26 minutes

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     DVD 1: Song of the Exile  USA, Canada
     DVD 2: On the Islands  USA, Canada
     DVD 3: Three Continents  USA, Canada
     DVD 4: Latin Passions  USA, Canada
     DVD 5: Beyond Frontiers  USA, Canada