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DVD 2: On the Islands

Country Available: Canada, USA


In the middle of the Indian Ocean sits Chez Manuel, a restaurant run by Manuel's wife Colette.   In Colette we discover an innovative self-taught chef who serves up inventive new dishes combining Hakka Chinese, Creole and Indian flavors. Colette and Manuel, together with other members of the Hakka Chinese community, give us insights into the Hakka Chinese and their conservative traditions and values.


In the hills of San Fernando is the Great Wall , the most famous Chinese restaurant on the island.    This is a rags-to-riches story of owner Maurice Soong, whose passion for quality and service has won him widespread affection and respect.   As they dance to the infectious calypso music of the island's annual Carnival, members of the Soong family reflect on how their assimilation and personal choices will affect Maurice's beloved restaurant.


In Havana's Chinatown, the Lung Kong is a charitable clan association run by Alejandro Chiu.   The association also runs a home for Chinese elderly and supports itself by operating a Chinese restaurant on the side.   Back in Barrio Chino , we go beyond the "Chinese Fantasy" created by the Cuban government to discover the legacy of a community that dates back to 1847 and has now become truly Cuban.

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  • Grades 10-12
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  • World History
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