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DVD 3: Three Continents

Country Available: Canada, USA


Did the Chinese come Madagascar in the 15 th century, years before the Europeans? And how have recent immigrants integrate in the most multicultural country of the world? These and other questions are answered as we visit Restaurant Le Jade in Tamatave, the port city with a large Chinese population.   More traces of Chinese settlements are revealed as the filmmaker visits the oldest Chinese immigrant on the fourth largest island of the world.


In Tromso, Norway in the land of the midnight sun, Michael Wong and his wife Ting have opened one of the very few Chinese restaurants inside the Arctic Circle, the Lille Buddha .   As the owner couple promotes their Hong Kong-style efficiency on the Norwegian waitresses, the Chinese kitchen staff openly discusses their lives as Chinese restaurant workers in Europe -- how they first entered Europe illegally and the loneliness away from home.


Chinese workers came to Canada in the 19 th century to build the trans-continental railroad, but by 1923, the country had kept Chinese immigrant workers out, as their services were no longer required.    Against these odds, Jim Kook came to the Prairie town of Outlook, Saskatchewan as a "paper son" using a dead Canadian's identity.   The gregarious "Noisy" Jim soon became the most popular man about town and ran his New Outlook Café for forty years until his recent death.

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  • Grades 10-12
  • Post-Secondary
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  • World History
  • Comparative Cultures
  • Global Perspectives
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