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DVD 4: Latin Passions

Country Available: Canada, USA


Lima-born Luis Yong is a medical doctor who took over a rundown restaurant, San Joy Lao , in the city's Chinatown.   The charming and outgoing doctor hosts Chinese cooking shows on TV and promotes the marriage of holistic Chinese medicine and health-conscious Chinese cuisine.   As Peru celebrated the 150 th anniversary of the arrival of Chinese coolies, and as subsequent generations of Chinese focus on the importance of education, Yong is becoming a legend in Lima's rejuvenated Barrio Chino.

Brazil South

Lee Ho Shau and his future wife Wong Yim Sheung swam from China to Macau, and freedom, during China's Cultural Revolution in the 1960's.    They made their new life in Sao Paolo dedicated to perfecting the fine art of Chinese cuisine.    On the eve of the World Cup final, their son, Luis, recounts his passion for soccer and what it means to grow up Chinese-Brazilian.   As Brazil won its championship, the streets of Sao Paulo exploded as Luis celebrated with tens of thousands of fans.


77-year old Foo-Ching Chiang came to Buenos Aires in the 1960's and became the "Spring Roll King" of Argentina.   His Casa China is a restaurant and cultural center bridging Argentinean and Chinese cultures.   Chiang's fervent ideal of internationalism is tempered by his own solitude.   While his family lives elsewhere in this planet, he lives his remaining years amidst the melancholy music of the seductive tango.

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