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3. Paint, Sound and FX Make-up Departments

Country Available: Canada, USA

Paint Department

"The beauty of this industry is that on a day to day basis I never know when I come in what I'm going to be asked to do. So it's always having your wits about you, having an assortment of tools and equipment always at the ready, and being able to say, yeah, I can do that." - Vasa Sramek - Lead Painter

Lead Painter: Also known as lead scenic artist. Paints all the sets on a production, as well as backdrops as needed.

On-Set Painter: The person responsible for the upkeep and continuity of paint elements during shooting.

Sound Department

"My position is not as technical as the location sound mixer. Sometimes the mixer will be sequestered in another room, or around the corner, so he needs a set of eyes on-set and I would be that person. I would be out trying to catch the dialogue. Our job is just to try to match what the audience sees so that it makes sense to your brain that it should sound like that." - Frank Kavanagh - Boom Operator

Location Sound Mixer: The person responsible for sound recording, including the selection of appropriate microphones and their placement and use. During production, this person is responsible for the recording and integrity of all sound.

Boom Operator: The person who operates the microphone boom - the extendable pole that holds a microphone at the end to record dialogue and sound effects.

Special Effects Make-Up Department

"Special effects make-up implies that there's something beyond beauty make-up. Special effects make-up really can be anything from a bruise or a slight cut all the way up to prosthetics, all the way into animatronics. Our job is really to make people uglier. - We are typically called in when people need to look their worst." - Todd Masters - Prosthetic Make-Up Designer

Prosthetic Make-Up Designer: Designs and creates the make-up special effects for a production.

Special Effects Make-up Artist: Assists the designer as required. Responsible for application and "touch-ups" on set.

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