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4. Hair, Production Office and Make-up Departments

Country Available: Canada, USA

Hair Department

"The people I work with closely, besides my own department, would be the make-up department who we usually share a trailer with. We work in a pretty cramped space, so we try to keep everything relatively calm. The hair chair is, well, we kind of call that place "the womb" -- it's a comfort zone" - Janet Sala - Hair Stylist

Head (or Key) Hair Stylist: Styles the hair on all on-camera talent. Also supervises the fitting of any wigs or mustaches, as well as hair tinting. Head of department.

1st Assistant Hair Stylist: Responsible for assisting the key.

2nd Assistant Hair Stylist: Responsible primarily for background performers (extras).

Production Office Department

"We're kind of like the wheel and then everything moves around us. So we are the centre, the pivot, and all the other departments circulate around." - Joyce Sawa - Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator: Provides organizational, logistical and clerical support to the production. Responsible for setting up and managing the office, arranging for travel and permits, creating and distributing paperwork such as scripts, script changes, call sheets, schedules and location maps. Works closely with the production manager.

Assistant Production Coordinator: Assists the production coordinator as required.

Office Production Assistant: Entry level position in the production office. General office assistant.

Make-Up Department

"When we're in the truck it's basically getting everyone started for the day, getting the make-up done, keeping track and making sure the actors are on set, on time. That's my goal." - Beverly Keigher - Make-Up Artist

Head (or Key) Make-Up Artist: Applies make-up to all on-camera talent. Head of department.

1st Assistant Make-Up Artist: Responsible for assisting the key.

2nd Assistant Make-Up Artist: Responsible primarily for background performers (extras).

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