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19th Century Turning Points In US History DVD

Country Available: Canada

“DVD is an ideal format for this concise treatment of history making events during the nineteenth century. Through background period drawings, paintings, and brief reenactments, sharply focused, short segments touch on significant social and political happenings, emphasizing their lasting impact on modern society. Dramatically read journal and correspondence excerpts add variety to the straightforward voice-over narration. Topics range from wars and treaties to inventions and literary events. Each segment stands alone, and the DVD menu allows teach-
ers and students to zero in on appropriate material. Additional resources including maps, documents, and tests are accessible when the disc is played on a computer. Recommended as a valuable overview of the time period.” - Booklist

"Providing an overview of defining moments from the 1800s, from historical events and scientific breakthroughs to literary landmarks and technological innovations . . . As an excellent bonus, the easily navigated discs also feature a DVD-ROM accessible library of primary source documents and maps (including blank maps for testing purposes), as well as English and Spanish subtitle options. Recommended. Aud: J, H, C, P." -Video Librarian

America entered the 19th century as an agricultural nation of 16 states and 5.3 million people. By the end of the century, the nation was an industrial power of 45 states and 76 million people. This series of eight programs is chaptered into 55 standalone segments that highlight significant historical events, scientific milestones and cultural achievements. Historical content is delivered ‘on demand’with unprecedented ease, allowing teachers and students instantaneous access to specific information.

For hearing impaired students and ESL students, each DVD has both English and Spanish subtitle options.The DVD also includes an 80 page Teacher’s Guide, all pertinent historical documents of the period, maps and tests.

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