Raven Tales: Raven And The First People

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Join Raven, Eagle and Frog as they return in a new adventure! Raven Tales: Raven and the First People is the next episode celebrating the First Nations’ folklore of the Northwest coast. Raven Tales chronicles the wild and wacky adventures of Raven, the most powerful, and one might add, trickiest trouble-maker of First Nation.

In this new episode, Raven (Dr. Evan Adams) Frog (Carmen Moore) and Eagle (Ian Reid) discover the first humans in a giant clamshell washed up on the beach. Can Raven teach these ‘people’ how to survive in this new world before they drive him crazy in the process? Join them and find out!!

To see master sculptor, Bill Reid's sculptural interpretation of this legend, go the the permanent exhibits page at Museum of Anthropology at UBC website: here

Running Time: 25 min.

Country Available: Canada, USA

Copyright Date: 2005

Library Audience:

  • Youth
  • School Audience:

  • Grades 3-5
  • Subjects:

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Canadian History
  • Animation
  • Children and Youth
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