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Youth and Activism in Today's World

Country Available: Canada, USA

2006 – 56 minutes
Directed and Produced by Lalita Krishna

Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda are regular Canadian teens who’ve just won a contest to travel to Tanzania, Africa! Brand-new friends. The amazing sounds and smells of Dar es Salaam. An incredible safari...with mating lions? Yup! But the real reason for this trip is a serious one: they’ve come to see for themselves the devastation that HIV/ADS has had on children’s lives. Outside of Dar es Salaam, they meet Angelina and Veronika – two little girls who are HIV positive. They’re poor. They’re ignored by the government, their communities, even their own families. They are the forgotten faces of HIV/AIDS. Stirred by what they’ve seen, Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda promise to bring their stories back and move the world to action. Their stories will move your world, too.
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2005 - 58 minutes
Directed and produced by Lalita Krishna

Eleven teens sign up for a trip to Kenya. With no clear idea of what’s ahead. Some don’t know that they’ll be teaching kids in a local village. And some don't know that they’ll end up building a schoolhouse from scratch. And for sure, no one expects to be chased by a wild elephant! All this happens and more! Despite growing up on the Discovery Channel, they aren’t prepared for the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the people. Nor are they prepared for the stoic calm with which the people accept their lot. No clean water. Shacks for homes. Dark and dingy classrooms. This isn’t a movie shot on a fake movie set. Jambo Kenya! It’s Africa for real!
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2004 - 44 minutes
Directed and produced by Lalita Krishna

Eight kids with eclectic tastes, one musical director with traditional visions, one holy dude, two countries and a trip that will take you far beyond India. Chaos, Chords & Karma is the story of a group of teenagers who banded together to change their worlds. The kids wrote their own music, raised funds and traveled to India to perform a benefit concert for Indian street kids. There were a few obstacles along the road...artistic differences, personal challenges and a landslide, but they did it their way and ended up with unimaginable rewards.
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