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Canadian Art Celebration

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The seven documentaries below are representative of some of the different schools and styles of Canadian Art taking place today and in our past. Filmwest has been able to package them together as an informative and entertaining collection of 7 DVD’s for  use in the classroom or in public libraries. The filmmakers and Filmwest are dedicated to bringing these documentaries to a wider audience.  We hope that you, the librarian agree.  

Call Me Average

An intimate portrait of artist Joe Average…what drives him, and how his art expresses his life. Call Me Average documents the legacy of Joe Average – his life, his art, his attitudes and his activism. It provides a rare glimpse into a singular imagination. It is the story of Joe’s life: marked by childhood traumas and adult demons; guided by an indomitable will to create. It is a film that celebrates a life of art as much as the art of living.
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Fierce Expression - The Work Of Tony Calzetta

This documentary presents the fiercely original work of artist Tony Calzetta. Studio sequences with Calzetta painting and working with master print maker Dieter Grund engage the viewer in the process of making art. In a series of candid interviews, Tony discusses how the struggle to be true to yourself in art and in life is at the core of his darkly humourous aesthetic.

The funky original music score drives a lively visual mélange which includes animations of Tony’s titillating titles, scores of paintings and drawings, insights from curators, art critics and fans, and archival photographs of the Bloor Street Diner project.

Wickedly funny, optimistic, and challenging - the work of Tony Calzetta.

“This is the essence of Tony” - John Metcalf

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Joseph Giunta: A Silent Triumph

A Film by Pepita Ferrari

An intimate and moving portrayal of eighty-nine year old artist Joseph Giunta as he prepares for his first major exhibition in thirty years and copes with his wife Helen’s worsening Alzheimer’s Disease. This is the story of how “art” embodies so much more than what we see hanging on the wall.

“Ferrari’s masterfully understated and very moving portrait of what is most noble in the human spirit”
--Leo Rice-Baker, Playback

“an exquisitely bittersweet profile”
--John Griffin, The Montreal Gazette

With an original music score by Karen young
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Un film de Pepita Ferrari
Le version français est de 50 minutes.

Un portrait intime et émouvant de Joseph Giunta, artiste de quarter vingt neuf ans, alors qu’il se prepare pour sa première exposition majeure en trente ans tout en se chargeant de sa femme Helen, atteinten d’Alzheimer. C’est l’histoire de comment l’art exprime beaucoup plus que ce que l’on voit accroché.

“Pepita Ferrari offer ici non seulement un film sur la peinture mais aussi sur le vieillissement, sur le destin, sur les deceptions de la vie à travers un regard sensible et bouleversant.”
--Odile Tremblay, Le Devoir

“Plus qu’un film sur la peinture: un ode sereine à la jeunesse de Coeur.”
--Denis Côté, ici

Avec musique originale de Karen Young.

Robert Bateman: Artist

Robert Bateman gives personal insights into his paintings and what inspires him. While outdoors on a sketching trip and while working on his latest canvas in his studio, the artist shares many of his ideas on art, society and nature.
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Spirit of the Arctic

The distinguished Inuit monumental artist, Abraham Anghik-Ruben and his colleagues share with viewers the artistic and technical processes involved in creating monumental sculpture from materials such as one ton blocks of limestone, marble and a 16 foot long jawbone of a bow whale. This visual documentary will enhance any art curriculum.
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White Balance - The Work Of Ronald Bloore

White Balance explores the inspiration, vision, and commitment of Ronald Bloore, the “simple painter” whose work helps define the history of modern art in Canada.

“He burnt everything he could fi nd and started out again, and that’s when the great, ‘White Paintings’ begin. - Terrence Heath

A passionate commitment to painting so intense that in a moment of revelation on a working trip to Greece, he destroyed all his work and defiantly began to paint using only a palette of white.

“He’s not like anyone else...Ron Bloore really is a group of one!” - Terrence Heath

A boy who ran off to “join-up” at seventeen, a professor of Art and Archeology with two honorary degrees and an Order of Canada, a gallery director who mounted one of the most scandalous art exhibitions in Canadian history, and an artist who first found fame as part of the “Regina Five”.

“It’s a three letter word, is all I can say about art!” - Ron Bloore

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Forced March to Freedom

At the end of the Second World War, ten thousand prisoners of war anticipated liberation courtesy of the advancing Russian Red Army. The Nazis dashed these hopes. They forced the prisoners to march out of Stalag Luft III in the dead of winter toward the center of a collapsing Third Reich in order to keep the P.O.W.s as hostages.

Forced March to Freedom tells the story of this amazing test of endurance through the eyes of Robert Buckham, a bomber pilot and artist who produced countless sketches and watercolors of prison camp life, as well as one of the only chronicles of the forced march itself. Interviews with Buckham and other P.O.W.s accentuate the sketches of camp life and the march as well as the few actual photographs of the march known to exist.
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