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Adventures in Parenting: 05. Your Childs Safety

Country Available: Canada, USA
This program illustrates the preventative approach toward child safety. Safety rules are clearly outlined and illustrated. The parent discussion group shares experiences they have had with their children. All parents agreed that almost every accident can be prevented with enough forethought. Real life situations illustrate the safety procedures parents should incorporate into their familys daily life. View a printer friendly version of this page...Length: 24 minutes Library Audience:
  • Children
  • Young Adult
  • Family
  • General Interest
  • School Audience:
  • Primary (K-6)
  • Junior High (7-9)
  • Secondary (10-12)
  • Univ./College
  • Adult Ed.
  • Subjects: Guidance and Health; Parenting Formats Available:
  • DVD
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