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Dads Who Fought Back

Country Available: Canada, USA

THE DADS WHO FOUGHT BACK is the story about two men's struggle to get shared custody of their children in a Canadian court system that many feel has evolved a deep and persistent gender bias in favour of mothers.

Jeff is a thirty-three year old father of two. He hangs on for dear life, desperate not to be yet another Sunday father, cramming a lifetime into a two-hour game of catch and an ice-cream cone in the park every weekend. He's going to court trying to get something that not all divorced fathers in Canada get a life with his children equal to that of the mother.

Robert is also a father of two. He sees his daughter for 27 hours each weekend. Trying not to have the same sad result, he's seeking sole custody of his youngest daughter, born from another relationship. It's an uphill battle, as few men get sole custody of their children in Canada. Plus, he's fighting allegations of sexual and physical abuse, allegations that have been proven to be false.

They are two average guys who won't give up. The film follows their journey, while film critically examining the court system, the lawyers who represent fathers, and the men and women in Canada and the United States who are advocating for change. These professionals include Senator Anne Cools, who has been a passionate advocate for fathers since 1998, when the joint Senate-Commons Committee on child custody and access published For The Sake Of The Children, Dr. Warren Farrell, author of Father And Child Reunion, and Carey Linde, a fathers' advocate and lawyer for over 15 years.

The film also focuses on Fathers For Justice (F4J) who use acts of civil disobedience such as scaling bridges and cranes to draw attention to the plight of fathers.

But ultimately, THE DADS WHO FOUGHT BACK is the heartfelt story of two passionate fathers who refuse to take a back seat and are willing to put everything at stake to have a relationship with their kids.

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