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Core Biology

Country Available: Canada

Biology, the science of life, is among the oldest of scientific disciplines, but it is also one of the most recent. Beginning 2500 years ago in ancient Greece with the founding of Botany and Zoology, in the 20th and 21st centuries, it has grown to include Environmental Sciences, Microbiology and Genetics, key disciplines to understanding our modern world. Core Biology is an innovative, conceptual approach to learning. Discoveries, concepts and laws are laid out in chronological order, each naturally building on the former. Stunning micro-cinematography and graphics bring this remarkable series to life.

Each program includes: Teacher’s Guide, Timeline, Quiz, Printable Images on DVD, Closed Captioning

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     Core Biology - Animal Sciences  Canada
     Core Biology - Environmental Sciences  Canada
     Core Biology - Microbiology and Genetics  Canada
     Core Biology - Plant Sciences  Canada