Wal-Mart Nation

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Wal-Mart Nation is an access oriented documentary about the international anti-Wal-Mart movement. The filmmakers were trying to answer the question, "how did the world's most successful and influential company become the most hated."

The film is a two year long journey into a contentious world of protests, pageants, union organizing (and busting); dirty tricks and low low prices.

Wal-Mart's emergence as a global corporate powerhouse has triggered an unprecedented political backlash. No company has ever faced such angry and organized opposition.

The filmmakers were granted rare access both to Wal-Mart itself, and the inner sanctums of its bitterest enemies. The result is a provocative, engaging and frequently humourous POV documentary.

Running Time: 43 min.

Country Available: Canada, USA

Copyright Date: 2007

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