How To Divorce and Not Wreck The Kids

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Parents contemplating divorce are barraged with divorce from hell stories the kind that leave children scarred for life. But there is another reality. Grass roots Canadians are at the heart of a quiet revolution couples working on good divorces, which acknowledge that the end of a marriage isn t the end of a family. This program goes directly into the heart of one of the most emotionally devastating life transitions, as three courageous Canadian couples, determined to keep the needs of their children front and centre, separate on camera. Roland and Carolye use a do-it-yourself divorce kit. Mike and Melissa work with a mediator. And Lionel and Sally use a new and controversial process called collaborative divorce. This latest compelling evidence offers separating parents a guide to keep conflict away from their kids.

Running Time: 42 min.

Country Available: Canada, USA

Copyright Date: 2008

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