City 21: Multiple Perspectives on Urban Futures

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From the producers of the award winning documentary Ecological Design: Inventing the Future, comes an update documentary on cities today: City 21.

This film production arises from a worldwide learning journey that was transmuted into cinematic composition illuminating some of the key perspectives + initiatives that are re-shaping the ethos of the 21st Century City.

The underlying quest of the filmmakers is to reframe the conventional and uninspiring visions of the urban future, with an unprecedented combination of fresh, invigorating, sustainable, economically viable, and life enhancing concepts.

We will get the cities to live in we deserve. City 21 is constructed for deeper educational instructive purposes.

Below are some of the themes we have explored in an effort to loosen the geometric and economic grip on the urban imagination:

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Running Time: 90 min.

Country Available: Canada, USA

Copyright Date: 2009

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