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Improving Your Speaking Skills

Country Available: Canada, USA

Telly Award: Best Instructional Video

Telly Award: Best Corporate Training Video

Strong communication skills are essential for presenting a positive image and effectively conveying the essence of your message, both in the workplace and in your personal life. Excellent communication skills ensure success by captivating your audience while clearly communicating your information and ideas.

Improving Your Speaking Skills gives detailed, step-by-step demonstrations to facilitate the development of critical skills such as good posture, eye contact, and vocal variation. This 50-minute DVD and companion workbook incorporate practicing strategies through exercises, games and drills that will develop your most vital communication skills. For each skill to be learned, there are several practicing strategies to help either correct typical bad habits or develop good ones. Practicing these skills in real life conversation is encouraged since it sharpens and focuses your mental abilities while helping you to develop clarity in speech.

The companion workbook on CD-ROM includes all of the contents of the DVD and more! You'll find additional exercises, a Self-Evaluation Checklist, an Action Plan template and literature excerpts for practicing out loud.

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