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After the Cloud Lifted: Hiroshimas Stories of Recovery

Country Available: Canada
After the cloud lifted over Hiroshima, atomic bomb survivors fought the battle of their lives. They struggled to overcome their heartbreaking losses of family, property and innocence. This is a story of their lives and the impact of the choices they have made.

Cartoonist Keiji Nakazawa lost half his family following the blast. Now his art teaches millions about nuclear war.

As a girl, Koko Tanimoto Kondo swore revenge against the American airmen who dropped the bomb. Then, she faced Captain Lewis co-pilot of the Enola Gay!

Miyoko Matsubara and Michiko Yamaoka two Hiroshima Maidens tragically disfigured by the bomb had the opportunity to receive plastic surgery in the U.S. One came, the other refused.

After the Cloud Lifted tells the personal stories of bomb survivors how they buried their broken dreams and learned to live again.

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