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DVD Titles at Filmwest:

Recently, Filmwest has started making some of its most popular titles available on DVD. This medium makes it very practical to publish multiple, related programs on one disc. For example, some of the most popular You, Me and the Kids titles are available on DVD; the titles are grouped into related themes.

DVD is also extremely easy to use. Teachers can quickly jump to a program of interest, or switch language tracks. The Wild Encounters programs on DVD are an excellent example of this - each program on each disc has a language track in English, French and Spanish.

Below are the titles we currently offer on DVD. Titles followed by "series" contain multiple DVDs.

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Title Regions Available
18th Century Turning Points In US History DVD (series) Canada
19th Century Turning Points In US History DVD (series) Canada
20th Century Turning Points In US History DVD (series) Canada
53 bytes in a Movement USA, Canada
Acorn the Nature Nut (series) Canada, USA
Across The Atlantic USA, Canada
Adventures in Parenting (DVD) (series) USA, Canada
Africa: Communities In Action Canada, USA
Afrocubanismo! Canada, USA
Alexandra's Echo USA, Canada
American Psyche Canada, USA
Ancient History (series) Canada
Ancient History: Rome Reexamined (series) Canada
Ancient History: The Maya Canada
Animania Canada, USA
Animation DVD Collection (series) USA, Canada
Anime Uncovered Canada, USA
Anita's Africa Canada, USA
Anne Frank: Just a Diary USA, Canada
Army of One USA, Canada
Art of Rainforests, The USA, Canada
Art of the Netherlands (DVD), The (series) Canada
At The Green Line USA, Canada
Atwood Stories, The (DVD) (series) USA, Canada
Aviation Ground School - An Aviation Training Series on DVD (series) USA, Canada
Ballet Victoria: A Leap of Faith Canada, USA
Beachcombers Christmas, A Canada, USA
Beckett On Film DVD Canada
Better Ask Nellie USA, Canada
Bilaal: Yes We Can Canada, USA
Body Atlas DVD (series) Canada
Bosses Canada, USA
Breakout! The Power of One Canada, USA
Brocket 99 - Rockin' the Country Canada, USA
Broke. USA,Canada
Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life Canada
Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life (Director's Cut) Canada
Bully's Mark, The Canada, USA
Burt Wolf: What We Eat (DVD) (series) Canada
Bushmeat USA, Canada
Call Me Average Canada, USA
Canada s Butterfly: Maria Pellegrini USA, Canada
Canadian Art Celebration Canada, USA
Chants Encounter USA, Canada
Chaos, Chords, and Karma USA, Canada
Chasing the Cure (series)
Childhood (DVD) (series) Canada
Childhood Lost USA Canada
Chinese Restaurants: Stories From A Diaspora (series) USA, Canada
Chow Dong Hoy: Portraits from the Frontier USA, Canada
Christopher Plummer: A Man for All Stages USA, Canada
Circle of Voices USA Canada
Circumpolar Bears USA Canada
City 21: Multiple Perspectives on Urban Futures Canada, USA
Classical European Composers (DVD) (series) Canada
Coeur du singe, Le / The Monkey's Heart Canada, USA
Colts to Vietnam USA Canada
Complete DVD History of U.S Wars, The: 1700-2004, (series) canada
Core Astronomy Canada
Core Biology (series) Canada
Core Chemistry Canada
Core Geology Canada
Core Meteorology (series) Canada
Core Physics (series) Canada
Corporation 2, The Canada
Corporation, The (series) Canada
Corporation, The (Feature Film Single DVD) Canada
Counter Currents: The Fight for Fish on the Fraser River USA, Canada
Cow at My Table, A USA, Canada
Creativity Unleashed USA, Canada
Crew, The (series) Canada, USA
Crocophiles Canada,USA
Dads Who Fought Back USA,Canada
Destination:Bangalore Canada, USA
Dhobighat USA, Canada
Disappearance Of The PX-15, The Canada, USA
Discovering Wildness USA, Canada
DVD History Of The U.S. Constitution, The (series) Canada
Ecological Design: Inventing the Future USA, Canada
Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer USA, Canada
Estuary Adventures: Don't Jump to Conclusions (series) USA, Canada
Facing Arthur USA, Canada
Fallen Hero: the Tommy Prince Story USA, Canada
Fanfan et les extra-terrestres / Fanfan and the aliens Canada, USA
Fatherhood Dreams Canada, USA
Festival of Sacrifice Canada, USA
Fierce Expression - The Work Of Tony Calzetta USA, Canada
Fringe, The: Acting Up Canada, USA
From Grief to Action USA, Canada
From Russia For Love Canada, USA
Fur Trade, The: Dying Tradition or Modern Revival? USA, Canada
Geometry of Love, The USA, Canada
George Cohon: To Russia with Fries USA, Canada
Gift of Self-Esteem (DVD), The (series) USA, Canada
Glaciers Canada
Glaciers and Ice Caps: The Melting Canada
Global Warming: Science and Solutions (series) Canada
Golden Bridge, The Canada,USA
Gourmet Butcher, The: From Farm to Table USA,Canada
Great American Authors Since 1650 (series) Canada
Great Possibility, The: Louis Riel & the Metis Resistance Canada, USA
Great Warming, The (series) USA, Canada
Great Warming: Church/Synagogue Version, The USA, Canada
Great Warming: National Wildlife Federation Version, The USA, Canada
Great Warming: Theatrical, The USA, Canada
Greatest Auto Race on Earth, The Canada, USA
Greenpeace: Making a Stand USA, Canada
H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Safety Canada, USA
Heads Up! (series) Canada
Heads Up! series 2 (series) Canada
Heads Up! series 3 (series) Canada
Healing and the Mind (series) Canada
Healing With Animals on DVD (series) Canada, USA
Hi-Tech Culture: Technology Today USA, Canada
Hidden Plague Canada, USA
History of Black Achievement in America (series) Canada
History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years Canada
History of Western Art DVD, The (series) Canada
History's Ancient Legacies I, DVD (series) Canada
History's Ancient Legacies II, DVD (series) Canada
History's Ancient Legacies III DVD (series) Canada
History's Turning Points I DVD (series) Canada
History's Turning Points II DVD (series) Canada
Home to Tibet USA, Canada
Honour of All, The on DVD USA, Canada
How to Be a Model USA, Canada
How To Divorce and Not Wreck The Kids Canada,USA
How To Make The Dog
Human Body, The (series) Canada
I Am The Canadian Delegate Canada, USA
Ice Breaker Canada,USA
Ice Pilots (series) Canada, USA
Improving Your Speaking Skills Canada, USA
In a Sacred Way We Build USA, Canada
In the Moment USA, Canada
Indian Enough?: The New Caste System of the Future USA, Canada
Industry, The (series) USA, Canada
Innocent Tricks USA, Canada
Island of Shadows USA, Canada
Jambo Kenya USA, Canada
Jasper National Park: 360 Degrees of Inspiration USA, Canada
Last Wild Salmon, A Canada, USA
Leaving Bountiful USA, Canada
Legacy: The Origins of Civilization (DVD) (series) Canada
Life After Oil: The New Energy Alternatives Canada
Listening to Learn DVD Canada
Lives Worth Living USA Canada
M Word, The Canada, USA
Magical Mystery Cures Canada, USA
Make Some Noise (series) Canada, USA
Making of Ivan Reitman, The USA Canada
Marie-Anne USA, Canada
Marketing The Message Canada, USA
Master's Guide to Working in Film and Television (series) USA,Canada
Miywayawin, Season One (series) USA, Canada
Miywayawin, Season Two (series) USA, Canada
Mordecai USA, Canada
Move Your World Canada,USA
Museum Maestros USA
Music for a New World USA, Canada
Muskox Patrol, The USA, Canada
My Different Life Canada
My Hometown (series) USA, Canada
My Own Private Lower Post Canada, USA
Mysterious Human Heart, The (series) Canada
Mystery of the Toxic Swans Canada, USA
Namaste Yoga designed by Kate Potter Series 1 (series) Canada, USA
Namaste Yoga designed by Kate Potter Series 2 (series) Canada, USA
Need to Know, The USA, Canada
No More Smoke Signals Canada
Northwest Mounted Police, The: The Great March USA, Canada
Nude in Art, The (DVD) (series) Canada
Off the Map Series 1 (series) USA, Canada
Off the Map Series 2 (series) USA, Canada
Off the Map Series 3 (series) USA, Canada
Older Women, Younger Men Canada, USA
On Screen! (series) Canada, USA
On Screen! II (series) Canada, USA
On Screen! III (series) Canada, USA
On Wings and Dreams USA Canada
Oscar Peterson: Keeping the Groove Alive USA Canada
Paired Reading: Positive Reading Practice (DVD) USA, Canada
Paleo World DVD (series) Canada
Paleoworld (DVD) Canada
Panych Plays Canada, USA
Pay Dirt: Alberta's Oil Sands (series) Canada, USA
Peacing it Together Canada
People of Sointula, The USA, Canada
Political Playwright, The Canada, USA
Polygamy's Lost Boys USA, Canada
Prairie Fire: The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 USA, Canada
Pretty Boys USA, Canada
Protection USA Canada
Quest Canada, USA
Quiet Mind: Meditation for Real Life (series) USA, Canada
Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun Canada
Raven Tales: Raven And The First People Canada, USA
Recipe Diaries USA,Canada
Restaurant Makeover (series) Canada, USA
Rock The Nation Canada, USA
Ronnie Burkett: A Line of Balance USA, Canada
Saturn's Eyes: Taking the Planet's Pulse (series) Canada,USA
Say I Do USA Canada
Scrabble Rabble: The Game of Life Canada, USA
Second City, The: First Family Of Comedy USA, Canada
Secrets Of Archaeology (series) Canada
Seeds of Change: The ECO Story Canada, USA
Sentencing Circle: Traditional Justice Reborn USA, Canada
Shadows of War USA, Canada
Shakespeare - The Animated Tales on DVD (series) Canada
Shakin' All Over: A History of Canadian Rock and Roll Canada
Shared Visions: The Art of Storytelling USA, Canada
Sheldon: A Story of Human Courage USA, Canada
Shields Stories, The (series) USA, Canada
Shift Focus Canada, USA
Shockwave: Surviving North America's Biggest Disaster Canada, USA
Shooting For Change Canada, USA
Shopping Bags: Themes for Classrooms on DVD (series) USA, Canada
Skin Deep (series) USA, Canada
Slammin Iron: Rebuilding the World Canada, USA
Slavery and the Making of America (series) Canada
Slut Canada, USA
Smarter Than the Rest of Us USA, Canada
Sounds Like a Revolution Canada,USA
Sounds Like a Revolution: Director's Cut Canada,USA
Speaking with Credibility and Confidence Canada, USA
Spirit of the Arctic USA, Canada
Spirit Pole Journey Canada, USA
Stories from the Seventh Fire 2 Disc DVD (series) USA, Canada
Stories from the Seventh Fire DVD (series) USA, Canada
Supreme Court, The (series) Canada
Sweatlodge Ceremony USA, Canada
Swedenborg: Mystical Cowboy USA, Canada
Sweetness in Life: An Aboriginal Diabetes Series (series) USA, Canada
Symphony of Silence, A Canada,USA
System Crash (series) Canada, USA
Take the Red Road USA Canada
Tears and Triumphs, Series 1 (series) Canada, USA
Thoth DVD Canada
Titans (series) USA Canada
Tribal Journey: Paddle to Qwut?sun Canada, USA
Tribal Treks (series) Canada, USA
Triumph of the Nerds (DVD) Canada
Turning Points in Physical Science (series) Canada
Two Winters: Tales from Above the Earth Canada,USA
Understanding Canadian Government USA
Vanishing Ice, The USA, Canada
Veils Uncovered CanadaUSA
Venturing Forth - Series 1 (series) USA, Canada
Venturing Forth - Series 2 (series) USA, Canada
Venturing Forth - Series 3 (series) USA, Canada
Venturing Forth - Series 4 (series) USA, Canada
Venturing Forth - Series 5 (series) USA, Canada
Venturing Forth - Series 6 (series) USA, Canada
Victims of Victims: Fire and Water USA, Canada
Vy's Vietnam Canada, USA
Wal-Mart Nation Canada, USA
Wal-Mart Nation (Director's Cut) Canada, USA
Water Under Fire (series) USA, Canada
What Do Those Old FIlms Mean? Canada
Where Time Begins... USA, Canada
White Balance - The Work Of Ronald Bloore Canada, USA
Who's Affraid Of Happy Endings? Canada, USA
Why Shoot the Teacher? USA, Canada
Wild Encounters DVD (series) USA Canada
Wild Horses, Unconquered People USA, Canada
Wildfiles (series) USA, Canada
Without God: A Humanist's Personal Story USA, Canada
World in Claire's Classroom, The USA Canada
World Odyssey (series) Canada
You, Me and the Kids: The Preteen Years (DVD) (series) USA, Canada
You, Me, and the Kids, The Teen Years (DVD) (series) USA, Canada
Youth and Activism in Today's World USA, Canada