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Request a Print Catalogue

Currently, we do not display purchase prices for programs on our web site because of the variety of copyright licenses we sell, and the regional availability of some programs. For accurate pricing information, please contact us. Remember to include your name and organization / company, as well as your address.

Finding the Right Product

Filmwest’s inventory is always growing and changing. Use our search page to find specific video or DVD titles. If you are interested in finding media relating to a specific subject area, use the browse catalogue page. You can request print versions of our catalogues by using the web-based form, or contact us by using any of the methods listed on the contact us page.


Previews of all Filmwest titles are available to qualified customers. We are flexible with our return times, but we do fix a firm due date for all previews. Prices for previews are as follows:


Orders may be placed with Filmwest in any of the following methods:

Methods of Payment

Filmwest accepts payment by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

Return Policy

In the event that a video received from Filmwest is defective, please let us know as soon as possible. We will replace it immediately and pay any shipping costs. We are also able to replace lost or damaged videos for a reduced price.


Shipping is a non-profit center at Filmwest. Special shipping is available for rush orders. The shipping charges for rush orders will reflect a higher shipping rate.